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Join our vibrant community of professionals and enthusiasts dedicated to advancing the field of building control and shaping the future of construction practices. As a member of CEBC, you gain exclusive access to a wealth of benefits, networking opportunities, and resources.


Become a member of CEC and immerse yourself in a dynamic community that shares your passion for building control.

  • Expertise and Knowledge: Connect with experts, thought leaders, and innovators in the building control industry. Gain insights into the latest trends, best practices, and emerging technologies.

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  • Resources: Access a comprehensive library of resources, including research reports, case studies, whitepapers, and informative articles. Stay informed about the latest developments in building regulations and practices.

  • Professional Development: Enhance your skills and advance your career through our workshops, webinars, and seminars. Stay updated on the competencies required for building control professionals across Europe.

  • Exclusive Events: Attend members-only events, conferences, and symposiums, where you can engage in in-depth discussions, learn from industry leaders, and contribute to shaping the future of building control.

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